We have been designing and manufacturing wire display products since the 1970s, at our facilities based just outside the market town of Aylsham in Norfolk.

As you’d expect with 30 plus years of experience, we are experts in the art and science of displaying and merchandising products effectively.

Display stands built with care and attention

Our team of skilled designers and fabricators pride themselves in their ability to consistently provide wire display products that exceed our customers expectations.

Unlike many of our competitors who use plastic coating all of our display stands are powder coated which gives our products the following advantages:

  • Does not react to temperature changes and can be left outside
  • No shrinking or cracking or yellowing
  • Emits zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). Environmentally friendly
  • Is a thicker coating than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging.
  • Produces less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings.
  • Generally has fewer appearance differences between horizontally coated surfaces and vertically coated surfaces than liquid coated items.

Our aim is to make displays that are easy for your customers to use whilst minimising browser wear and tear, and therefore any impact on your profit.

Our clients benefit from our retail experience

Our excellent customer service and advice on the best use of our products are as important to us as the manufacturing process.

Listening to our customers and understanding their needs is at the heart of what we do.

Please contact us if you would like us to supply a quote audit your retail sites to ensure you are displaying products with maximum effectiveness.

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